Tools to keep your child’s oral health on track

Establishing daily brushing and flossing routines is critical to keep your child’s smile healthy and happy! We’ve created some fun resources and tools to help keep oral health on track between your regular Smiles in Motion dental hygiene office visits!

Brushing and flossing chart

It’s simple, fun, and easy to keep your child’s oral health on track with this engaging brushing and flossing chart!

How it works:

Print off one chart for each child. Guide your child in their brushing twice daily and their daily flossing. Use our helpful 2-minute brush timer below! Have your child fill in the corresponding circles, and reward them with a special prize or sticker at the end of the week! Keep the fun going all month long.

Download the chart here and share your progress with us on Facebook!

2-Minute brush along with Dr. Spitz

It’s time to brush along with Dr. Amanda Spitz! In this video Dr. Spitz guides you through a 2-minute brushing technique to make sure all sides of your teeth get nice and clean.

Tips for brushing with a toddler from Dr. Winn

As soon as baby teeth start to come in, it’s important to establish a regular brushing and hygiene schedule to keep teeth healthy and prevent cavities.

In this short video, Dr. Erin Winn shares some techniques to help make brushing with a toddler enjoyable and effective.

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