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We want everyone – child and caregiver – to feel comfortable at Smiles In Motion. We want to gain your confidence and trust, so you are welcome to accompany your child back for their first pediatric dental care visit. Most children do best on their own. If you feel your child will do better without you present, you are still encouraged to take a tour of our pediatric dental care office! We have offices located in Eau Claire, Rice Lake, Chippewa Falls, and Menomonie.

If your child needs a treatment appointment, we will talk with you about all of your options for pediatric dental care treatment and for your child’s behavior for treatment.

We will request that your child comes back into the treatment areas alone for two reasons:

  • Having us trusted to help your child one-on-one allows us to establish a relationship with your child and focus 100% on them.
  • By allowing them the opportunity to get these events on their own has proven to solicit more cooperative and confident children in the dental office.

You, the caregiver, play a very important role in your child’s dental visits. It is important for parents and caregivers to play a positive role and refer to the dentist and team as friendly and helpful. May we offer some suggestions to make your child’s visit(s) a pleasant one?

How Parents Can Help

If your child has been seen by another dentist, their first visit to our office will involve an exam by one of our pediatric dentists, a treatment plan, and a chance to get acquainted. If your child’s initial dental visit was unpleasant, please help by telling your child that we only see children, and this is a special office designed just for them.

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