What To Expect

Initial Pediatric Dentist Visit and Comprehensive Exam

During your child’s first visit to Smiles In Motion, the doctor and team will gather information with a health and dental history intake. They will customize their recommendations based on your child’s age, individual needs and individual risk factors for cavities and various dental conditions. They will make appropriate oral hygiene and diet recommendations. Learn more here

Age 1

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly encourages the first dental visit by one year of age. Prevention of early cavities is the goal. To accomplish this, parents need to understand their child’ risk for developing cavities.


Infants to Toddlers

Until a child is preschool age, we don’t expect them to want to get into a dental chair on their own and cooperate. Our pediatric dentists will likely perform a lap to lap or knee to knee examination with the parent or caregivers help, in our consult rooms designed for this age group in mind.


Preschool to Teen

We want to gain your confidence and trust, so you are welcome to accompany your child back for their first visit with their dentist. Most children do best on their own, if you feel your child will do better without you present, you are still encouraged to take a tour of our office!


Pediatric Dental Exam

A comprehensive dental exam, which may include radiographs, will be performed by the pediatric dentist. Your dentist will assess your child’s mouth for early signs of cavities, developed cavities, signs of gum disease, signs of dental and oral abnormalities and growth and development patterns. The doctor and team will also provide suggestions for sucking habits and trauma prevention where appropriate. As your child enters their teenage years, tobacco use and oral piercings will be addressed as needed and requested.

If your child is an infant, learn more about the recommended age 1 dental visit.

Growth and Development

Your child’s oral growth and development will be evaluated at the initial visit, to ensure proper function and aesthetics as teeth continue to erupt. The pediatric dental specialist may refer your child to an orthodontist at certain points in development.

We will offer guidance and counseling for thumb sucking, blanket sucking, digit sucking or pacifier sucking habits if necessary, to help ensure optimal dental growth and development.

Home Oral Hygiene and Diet

Our pediatric dental specialists will customize a home hygiene program for your child by providing recommendations and instructions based on your child’s individual needs and risk factors. We will make recommendations to help with your child’s oral hygiene and oral care in an effort to help you prevent common oral problems in children. You and/or your child will be instructed on the proper methods of tooth brushing, flossing, and use of additional age-appropriate dental products. We will discuss your child’s dietary habits and make nutrition and diet recommendations. Click here for more information on home hygiene and diet.

Your child’s initial visit to Smiles In Motion, Pediatric Dentistry will provide you with a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan for your child to maintain optimal dental health.

"I drive over an hour one way for appointments because they are so caring and encouraging. If every place was like this I believe that more people would go to the dentist regularly. It is always a great experience. Keep up the fantastic work."
-Kelly B.
"The environment in this pediatric dentist office is upbeat yet relaxing. The kids have the slide and games to keep them busy while they wait for their appointment. I love that the hygienists and dentists take time to speak with parents one-on-one as if you were their number 1 family. I'm glad we have Smiles in Motion in our town!"
-Bridget R.
"Amazing! This place was designed for kids. And I’m not just talking about the cool slide or iPod kiosks in the lobby. Every member of the staff I encountered actually knew how to talk to a two year old. It was a great experience, I highly recommend!"
-Beth M.

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