How Parents Can Help

You, the caregiver, play a very important role in your child’s dental visits. May we offer some suggestions to make your child’s visit(s) a pleasant one?

If parents have their own fear or anxiety about the dentist, they should not share those with their child. Dentistry has changed over the years, and it is important to allow their child the opportunity to like their dentist and their dental home. Any anxiety on your part will most likely be sensed by your child and they too will become anxious.

Parents can refer to the dentist and team as helpful and as friends. If the parents show they trust the dentist their child will too.

Please do not tell your child that it won’t “hurt” as this may never have entered their mind.

Please do not use words such as: “needle,” “shots,” “drill” or other words suggesting unpleasantness.

If your child inquires, you can help by telling him or her that we will gently “count” and “take pictures” of his or her teeth.

It is also important to remember that each child is an individual and his or her behavior is not always predictable.

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