Dr. Amanda Spitz

I am thrilled to welcome children and families from Hudson, River Falls, New Richmond, and the surrounding communities to our new Smiles in Motion Pediatric Dentistry office, conveniently located on Carmichael Road in Hudson. While this office is new, our proven approach to specialized pediatric dentistry has been inspiring kids for over 11 years! I personally invite you and your child to visit us and experience how our child-centered dental practice prepares kids for a lifetime of dental health.

You’re going to love this new office! To help kids enjoy dental visits and develop life-long positive attitudes towards dentistry, we custom-built our Hudson dental office with kids in mind. Our child-friendly, welcoming environment reduces dental anxiety and fears, and ensures dental experiences are as pleasant as possible. The giant slide and interactive games in our playroom keep kids focused on fun while they wait for appointments. We use child-friendly vocabulary to help children feel comfortable and at ease, and movies keep them calm and relaxed during dental cleanings and treatments. Our technologically advanced clinic utilizes the best and safest equipment available, perfectly sized for smaller mouths.

Your child deserves the highest-quality, specialized dental care tailored to their unique needs. From lip/tongue ties to restorative needs like cavities to dental emergencies, our experienced pediatric dentists have treated the widest range of child-specific dental issues and provided preventative care and education to thousands of families.

At Smiles in Motion in Hudson, our pediatric dentists are specialists who have completed two years of advanced training beyond dental school focused on the emotional and physical growth, care, and treatment of children and their teeth and mouths, from birth through the teenage years.

As a mother of two, I know just how unique each child is, and just as when I founded Smiles in Motion over a decade ago, I remain committed to providing personalized, superior dental care and experiences for your children.

Come see how Smiles in Motion, Pediatric Dentistry in Hudson is improving dental experiences for children, and how we can partner together to ensure your child has a future filled with healthy, confident smiles!


Dr. Amanda Spitz

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